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 Post subject: William (Better Asian Man) NYC Bootcamp April 2010 review
PostPosted: 11 May 2010, 10:00 

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I am reviewing the same bootcamp as metaltoid. My recollection isn’t that great as this was a couple of weeks ago.

Day 1

We went over A and B during the lecture, the information and techniques were really overwhelming, it was so much information to process and grasp.

1st venue: There was not much going on but I got to practice my openers and had a few sets that went well. At the beginning of the venue, AA comes back and William tells me to get my shit together. Got to talk to some very attractive girls, had a good set that went on for a while in which my classmates wings me. Before we left, I did one last 3 set that became a bigger mixed set and went for the phone number of the most attractive one which failed but it was good practice.

2nd venue: It was a very loud place. Will decides that it’s time to do some direct approaches. We walked around the place and I am doing direct approaches every 5 minutes which was fun. There was even this attractive girl by herself texting on her phone and just enough room for one person next to her. Without thinking I opened and sat next to her immediately while talking to her. I ejected after her guy friend/bf tapped me on the shoulder to signal me it was his seat. Will taught me afterwards how to deal with stuff like that.

3rd venue: Practiced A and B on a few sets but I did not have as much energy as earlier so I stayed mostly passive. The funniest thing that happened was when I was about to talk to an asian girl who was coming towards me, before I said anything she said “NO!”…
I did see my classmate approaching lots of sets and getting them going which was great.

Day 2. C and D

We went to this rooftop place. We got there really early so I approached a 2-set of really hot girls, it was originally a kickstart but it went well for a good 10 mins. I also opened a 8 set bachelorette party and kissed the bride (on the cheek) while her friends took pictures of it. The hardest part for me was bringing girls to our table, so Tommy helped me and brought one and introduced her to me. It went really well and I talked to her for a good 30-45 mins. I had a hard time keeping track of the structure I might have spent too much time in B and C, I still got her phone number but the kiss close did not work. The girl was Russian, so she gave me a few shit tests. It was very funny because while I was talking to her on the couch, there were only us, after a good 30 mins, I see so many girls coming to our table and saw Will, Tommy and my classmate having a great time with different girls each. After my target leaves because she had to meet friends somewhere else (even though she talked to me for a long time instead), I approached directly a 2-set of very attractive girls. Later on, after I was dancing with another girl and came back to them, some dudes were talking to them. I grabbed my target and told her my friend (Tommy) wanted to take a picture of us. Will told me later it was a nice AMOG move. I also got a few other phone numbers while we were waiting to close the tab and figure out what to do with the bottle that we barely touched.
It was very fun to see a table of 4 Asian dudes with so many girls coming to our table. We were clearly the center of attention of all the other tables. It was also so hilarious to see my classmate dancing with this girl who basically half opened his shirt and rubbed his chest in the middle of the dancefloor while his face had the “wtf” look.

Day 3 E-F

Fashion shopping, bought some cool stuff. In the evening we went to a rooftop place but the atmosphere was completely different from Fridays or Saturdays. It was just very slow and laid back and it seemed like there were only couples on dates. That night I had 0 anxiety and I just opened and said random stuff or tried to AMOG which was fun. I saw my classmate talking to those 2 girls and winged in 5-10 mins later and turns out they were from Amsterdam in vacation in NYC. I liked the fact that his target was married and my target had a bf. I took her number and I was around C and D when he decided to call it a night.

Overall it was an awesome weekend, Will and Tommy are great instructors. This sounds cliché but I did stuff that I would have never imagined myself doing. It was very funny in the venues seeing dudes standing on the side with their drink watching a 5”4 Asian dude talking to very attractive girls. I highly recommend a bootcamp for anyone who has not taken one yet!

 Post subject: Re: William (Better Asian Man) NYC Bootcamp April 2010 revie
PostPosted: 11 May 2010, 13:01 

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yea those 3 days were awesome.
those 3days were like a 1/2 yr experience
I can't wait for finals to be over, so i enter beginner's hell.

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