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 Post subject: October 2010 NYC Bootcamp Review!
PostPosted: 03 Nov 2010, 19:28 

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I was very nervous and wasn’t sure what I was expecting. This bootcamp was supposed to be lead by William and Kevin Feng but I was lucky enough to have JT and Gareth Jones teach the bootcamp. I arrived at the studio about an hour early because I didn’t want to get lost and be late. Guess who was already there? THE Asian Playboy and Gareth Jones! I was stunned, I felt like a deer stuck in a headlight – this was something I actually said to JT…but for a New Yorker that has never ran into a celebrity and have read a lot and seen videos of JT, this was my semi-encounter with someone I considered a celebrity!

Before I continue, I want to note that I’m good with A, B, and C phase of the structure and decided to finally take the bootcamp because I couldn’t get the D, E, and F.

Day 1: We went over the basics of A and B phase. We went over a few drills such as kino turning. I always thought I knew what the kino turn was but I’ve been doing it all wrong!! It’s a much simpler process than I thought and it took me a few tries with the other students before I could reverse my bad habits. I’m actually still working on it!

We also went over a few openers that were provided for us and the ones we came up with for homework. I’m horrible with canned stuff because I have trouble memorizing them so I go with my own openers. But the “cheers” kickstart opener is golden which was very easy to do and felt very natural for me.

Afterwards, we went over some BT spikes which were fairly simple yet very effective.

We wrapped up day 1 by grabbing food with the interns Graphyte and Bigheadedmouse before heading to our venues.

Venue 1: Beer Garden

This place is packed and filled with people seating. To describe it, it’s an outdoor place with heater lamps filled with wooden benches all over. There’s even a ping pong table!

My wingleaders were Gareth and Graphyte. I’m feeling good and my approach anxiety was very low. I buy a drink so I can start doing my kickstart opener. I open a total of 6 sets there. My first few sets I did standing and Graphyte told me to sit down with my sets next time. So I did, and guess what? My sets lasted much longer.

Anyway, the most noteable approach was the set with a model-esque Swedish blond and her Norwegian friend. I was in set for a very long time and it was mostly banter and I was lucky enough to have a lot of the bootcamp guys come in to wing me. I should have definitely #close as I was bouncing between B & C phase with HBSwed and by the end of our interaction, she was totally talking shit to me (in the bantery good way haha). Thinking back on it now, I’m still kind of kicking myself for not atleast attempting a #close…

Venue 2: Brass Monkey

Right around the corner of Beer Garden but a completely different environment. Beer Garden was chill and relaxed whereas Brass Monkey was high energy, loud, and filled with people dancing.

I meet up with some of the students and Graphyte orders me to open a set of dancing girls. I do a half assed kino turn and get blown out pretty quickly. At this point, I couldn’t get my energy to match the environment.

Eventually I head back to the front of the club where it was a bit quieter. Graphyte points out a girl by herself behind me.
-I open her with “You look cute with that scarf,” I forget what else I say but she tells me her friends ditched her and she was about to leave.
-Before she does I tell her we should check out the roof.
-She complies :)
-We get to the roof. It’s cold.
-We head back downstairs and dance a bit. Learn she’s from Brasil and I tease her about her dance moves and tells her she dances like she’s from Sao Paolo (the only city in Brasil that I could think of at the time) and she totally bites after that.
-She wants to leave since her friends aren’t coming. I tell her to take my number and text me something funny or I won’t call her. (Hahahhahaha I can’t believe I said that and hoped it work, I still haven’t gotten that text!)

Then we all leave shortly after that for our debriefs. Gareth is amazing, he had a lot of patience and was still able to maintain his high energy at the end of the night – this is definitely a guy worth looking up to!

Day 2: C & D with Body Language Position. This is what I have been waiting for.

The golden nugget of the day was body language positioning!! It is so money!! I don’t even know how to explain it other than that it is a great way to stay in set longer and can be used to isolate your girl if she’s in a group.

Anyway, my BIGGEST weakness is being dominant. We learned the elephant which was simple enough and well as different types of compliance testing – this was great. There was also the silencer which took a while to get used to doing. But the problem was…there was a lot of new information about 3x as much as Day 1. It was just very hard to absorb all of it. Our challenge of the night was to pull as many girls back to our tables at the venue we were at.

Venue: 230 5th

I’ve been here a few times before so I knew the logistics. Here are the details. There’s a staircase that leads to the rooftop once you get in. Our table was beyond the stairs, beyond the DJ and the dance floor, then further back – literally at the back of the club.

We get seated and since Gareth brought along a few female friends, we had some time to warm up our convo skills with them. I head on out and begin kickstarting a few seated sets and told them to come by our table since we were celebrating. Every set that said they would swing by, didn’t! I guess there wasn’t enough rapport there. I go back to our table, lo and behold, there are more girls there. Either JT or Gareth pulled them there, I wasn’t there but I chitchatted. There was one girl that seem interested so I decided to test her compliance and get her to the dance floor. I did the elephant, nada. She failed and I decided I wanted to check out the rooftop.

It was really cold outside but surprisingly, there were plenty of people and some even without jackets! I jump into a few sets the other bootcamp guys opened and tried to get them back to our table. No go, I even threw in “It’s really nice and warm inside, and we have sofas.”
Anyway, the most notable set was when I was winging with another student and I decided to use some BLP I learned. It frickin works!! It was funny because eventually I had to BLP the girl back to our original position because we were blocking the entrance to a sitting area. This was when I realized BLP is frickin golden.

Another set I open was a 5set of Australian girls. My target at the time was to my right and as I finished introducing myself to the last girl on my left, a few other students came in from my right and pretty much body cock blocked me (not intentionally of course) and it made it so I was talking to the least attractive girl in the group. Whatever, I tried BLPing again…and it WORKS!!! Anyway, one of the other guys got them to agree to come back with us to our table. That was when I discovered our logistics problem. Our table was all the way at the end of the club. This is bad logistics because coming from the roof; we would need to pass through a huge dancing crowd to get to our table. We eventually get there and it’s already filled with girls, so we’re trying to squeeze these girls in but they politely excuse themselves after a few minutes.

We eventually leave. I felt like shit because I wasn’t able to pull any girls back to our table. Later, while we’re at the diner, JT gives us (the table that didn’t complete, quite a big coincidence we all sat at the same table haha) a harsh debrief. After that, it motivated me more to push myself even harder the next time I’m out.

Day 3: Graduation

We finish the last bit of E&F and planning for SEX-cess. Learned a lot about planning dates and logistics on how to get the girl back home. Good stuff there and it’s important too because for a beginner like me, I haven’t thought about getting the date yet, but it’s always good to be prepared! As JT always says, “Logistics gets you laid!”

We also learn AMOGing. Some of the tactics that were brought up were hilarious and I haven’t had the chance to test them out since our bootcamp was only limited to two nights going out.


The bootcamp was definitely worth taking for me. I thought of it as taking a class that will teach me a lifelong skill and it is! It was definitely worth the money. The only problem I had was that I expected the bootcamp to be much smaller so that we would get more individual attention from the instructors. The greatest value from this bootcamp wasn’t just the knowledge we learn from JT and Gareth but the new brotherhood we created with the other students; that is priceless.

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