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 Post subject: NYC Night/Day Bootcamp review
PostPosted: 04 Sep 2011, 08:56 

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Bootcamp Graduate: YES (BC: NYC, Sept 2011)
I took the night time bootcamp in NYC (Gareth and JT woot!) a few months ago, then part of a day game bootcamp in NYC (Ozzie, William, a whole bunch of great alumns/interns some from out of town) this month. I'll just go through what you can expect and talk about my thoughts.

Night Bootcamp:
Day 1:
Bunch of structure, instructors pointing out a lot of what makes Asians unattractive, make us do exercises to fix it. There's some quick review of material.
Got a table at a club, Gareth and JT brought a hot girl along to wing us. We disperse and do our sets. The point of the night is to get everyone on the same page as far as AA goes. Even though getting over AA is supposed to be HW, this night was important because it's clear nobody really did their HW perfectly :)

Thoughts: Asian specific exercise wasn't too relevant to me; I had practiced a lot of the same stuff on my own, but it definitely helps to review it, especially if you do have the Asian plight hard. I'm glad we did a quick review of material because I'm relatively new to this stuff and don't have much material in my back pocket. Night time was great, broke my AA a lot.

Day 2:
Bunch more structure, really teaching the point of the ABCD structure. Important highlights include some seemingly basic body language*.
Went out again same club. An alum brought two girls this time to sit at our table. Tonight the goal was to get the girls back to the table to practice BCD.

BODY LANGUAGE*: This is so important. It seems like basic stuff but to hear a master like Gareth tell you the nitty gritty of it is so so so important. It wasn't relevant at all for me during bootcamp but even now when I go out I notice using this makes a huge difference in terms of my success rate.
Ok it might have been my fault but I didn't really understand the goals of the night. I brought some groups back and had some chats but didn't focus on practicing BCD, was just wandering in my structure a bit. Reflecting back, this was actually a very important night if you use it right.

Day 3:
Reviews of EF, and beyond. It's a nice wrap up of material. By the end of today you really should have more than enough information than you ever need.

Overall thoughts: I think the ratio of 9 students to 2 instructors that weekend was not that great. I would've liked a bit more instant feedback (which was what I expected going into it). However that's not to say it wasn't worth it. The amount of progress in one weekend is phenomenal - I'm pretty sure I can say this on behalf of most of the other students who were there that night as well. I went out again and sarged with some of the fellow alums and it's really shocking how much everyone's progressed.

Day Game Bootcamp:
Day 1: Skipped it because I was not free that day
Day 2: William and Ozzie gave a lecture on some direct approach stuff and why day game is slightly different and how to use that to your advantage. Relatively short and straight forward, then we went out and sarged the town. It was raining the whole day but we got a whole bunch of venues.

Thoughts: The student/instructor ratio was fantastic. I got on-point information on every set. The instructors rotated students they were observing so we all got good feedback from everyone. The alums/interns were awesome and gave great feedback as well. I have to single out William for a second here and say that his feedback was 100% on point. Every time I came back with a minor sticking point he would give a short, quick, easy way to get past it. And from that next set on (till today) it has never been a problem again.

Night camp was definitely worth it. This is one of the cheapest bootcamps out there and the way they do things is really the most "real". What's great is that the emphasis is not on memorizing routines but bringing out and presenting the best part of yourself in a way that will get you laid. If I had to go back I would take it again. I wouldn't think I need a second serving of this though.
Day camp: phenomenal, especially with the instructor ratio and the instant feedback. Would take again. Ozzie and William are absolutely amazing. They have both seen everything out there. At one point I asked Ozzie how he can so quickly come up with a solution to a scenario: turns out he has winged a TON of guys (he has winged more guys than I have met in my life), so not only is he personally good but he knows how to make other people better.

Oh I was also at Gareth's 1 day text camp: great material definitely worth it. This covers the basics and reveals some structure on how it works. If you're clueless on phone/texting this is absolutely mandatory: taking this will save you months of stumbling around calling and texting girls. If you've got good experience with girls, this might not be necessary but I'm 100% sure it will help because Gareth will tell you things you will never think of in a million years.

In closing, I'd like to say that all the instructors are good not just because they can pick up girls. They are good because this is their profession. After a few months of practice anyone can pickup girls. But only if you study the game and tweak it in the ways that they do can you understand it enough to be able to pass it on. Ask about their stories if you ever meet them in person: you'll be surprised how much more work it takes to go from PUA -> PUA instructor at ABC.

 Post subject: Re: NYC Night/Day Bootcamp review
PostPosted: 04 Sep 2011, 09:06 

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Bootcamp Graduate: YES (BC: NYC, Sept 2011)
Oh I think it's important to add that this is not a miracle cure elixir of sex! Three days will NOT turn you from AFC to modern day Casanova! But the reality is, there is a path to make that transformation and the bootcamp here is the best first step.

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