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 Post subject: Los Angeles Bootcamp July 2009
PostPosted: 09 Aug 2009, 20:22 

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Okay, I took a while to write this post but better late than never. I took the Los Angeles bootcamp in July and it was an eye opening experience. By the way, there is a Sleeper on the Venusian Arts and I am not him. I found out after the fact. On the Venusian Arts, I am Deviant.

I’m a 5’2” Korean American, physically very fit, been working 2 ½ years in a career, and live in a condo in the Chicago suburbs. I put too much faith into the classic Asian belief that once you get a good job and own a place, the women should come flocking. Not so. I wasn’t a social hermit, I just let life happen to me instead of making things happen in life. I read The Game back when it was first published and also found out about Asian Playboy shortly after he first set up shop. Maybe I was also a bit scared of the hell I’d go through in the learning process and had to summon enough courage to pull the trigger on this.
JT taught the bootcamp along with assistant instructors Oz and Gareth. During the bootcamp, they put us through exercises on how to walk up to, kino turn, and practice our openers on lovely Claire.

That night, we went to Edison and got warmed up approaching sets. Elizabeth was there as our wing woman. This was the first time that I’ve approached groups higher than a two set. I felt like I was starting off the night pretty well but was realizing the things off in my game. My body language needed an overhaul and I needed to better project my voice. The instructors standing nearby couldn’t hear what I was saying. There was this one set that I didn’t approach. Gareth asked me why and I told him that there was already another guy in the set. He responded “you know what I’m going to tell you do now don’t you?” So I approached my first mixed set. Later on, I couldn’t hook any sets and I started to lose energy and confident pretty bad. Getting into that mindset made me even less successful which fed on itself.

On day two of the lecture, we got critiqued on what we did right and wrong that night. It was rough to hear the details of my screw ups. I was honestly afraid that my fellow students would move on to make big gains in their sarging while I would be the only one stuck at step one all three nights. But the critique did come with advice on how to fix it. Gareth taught us some exercises to aid in projecting our voices. We learned about Comfort & Direct as well as compliance tests.

That night, we went to Kress. I was scared that I was going to crash and burn worse than the night before. But my fellow student told me that being on the rooftop of Kress is social proof. You know what, it was. My A & B game need help but my C & D was much better. When I started talking to any woman willing to give me the time, I did well shifting into C & D. Oz reminded me to push up my energy as well as use compliance tests. They explained it all in the lecture but I didn’t really understand how they worked until I put them into practice. I got two different women to sit down with me as we chatted. I won’t say that I was money all night. I had a streak where I kept getting shot down and it affected my confidence. I was desperately trying to fight my way out of my mind’s trap and approached a set right. I was on the outside of the dance floor and approached a really cute girl in a zebra dress. I won her over well enough to drag her and her friends up 4 flights of stairs to our table on the roof. I didn’t yet know how to neutralize the defensive cock blocker of the group to keep them there long. Nonetheless, I felt a lot stronger in my approaches.

In the afternoon of the third day, we went on our shopping consultation. I got a nice pair of biker boots and a fedora to wear. I was initially a bit averse to them because I never dressed like that but weeks later, I love wearing them.

The third day’s lecture dealt with Escalation and Fun. It didn’t just make me realize that my place needs more to make it welcoming to a woman. I remembered how I wanted my place to look when I first moved into it. We practiced a lot of how to deal with AMOGing from guys as well as when a girl’s woman friend tries to take her away. I learned later that the woman friend isn’t trying to sabotage your game, she’s trying to sabotage her friend’s because women can be evil to eachother. We got additional critique on our looks. I'm growing my hair out again from having it shaved bald and not dressing as baggy.

On the third night we went to Cinespace, a rocker bar. After doing better at Kress, I was a lot more confident. We practiced trying to AMOG and wing eachother as well as entering into sets and AMOGing guys we didn’t know. I tried once but didn’t body language position well enough. The girl herself turned away while I was trying to “friend” the dude. His name was Richard and I told him that I knew a Gangster Disciple named Richard. I learned that I was supposed to friend him, not try to put him down. I did a better job talking to a girl who was part of a band. In the end, her guy eventually came by to take her away but she broke off from holding his hand to give me a big hug. I still have a lot to learn and I know that the hard part starts now. But I’m looking forward to it. The bootcamp gave me a glimpse of becoming a very different person: someone keeping the best parts of me prior and adding on some really great parts. I’m making this glimpse into my vision and my reality.

Much love to JT, Oz, Gareth, Claire, Elizabeth, Hiroller, Slim, and Spoonman.


 Post subject: Re: Los Angeles Bootcamp July 2009
PostPosted: 18 Aug 2009, 04:37 
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Hey, good to see you getting out on the boards. Write up those FRs and we'll be right here with you, every step of the way!

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 Post subject: Re: Los Angeles Bootcamp July 2009
PostPosted: 18 Aug 2009, 23:05 
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Congrats on the bootcamp, enjoy your new life. Keep posting reports during your newbie hell phase. Btw, what suburbs are you in, north or west? I'm guessing Glenview or Naperville =)?

 Post subject: Re: Los Angeles Bootcamp July 2009
PostPosted: 21 Aug 2009, 18:09 
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Hey buddy,

Glad you enjoyed the bootcamp! I used to help coach the programs out there but due to job location issues, that hasn’t been permissible as of late, I’m really glad that you had a phenomenal experience.

I just got done coaching a 1 on 1 myself this past weekend out in Orlando and I want to make it even more evident to you even though JT probably drilled it into your head dozens of times throughout the bootcamp.

I remember being on the show and Mystery telling me “I’m going to give you all the tools, but it will be up to you to sharpen them”, this of course applies here, the ABC instructors have given you all the tools and it will be up to you to sharpen them.

In retrospect, for me to even get a good sense of what was going on and to develop any sort of pattern awareness, it probably took me at least 300 sets.

During the course of your bootcamp, you probably opened somewhere between 30-50 sets total, and that being said, it’s a great start, but there is plenty of work down the road to get where you want to be.

Again, remember to keep a consistent schedule for yourself when you go out and be sure to

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