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 Post subject: LA Bootcamp Reflection (Jun 09)
PostPosted: 13 Jun 2009, 15:50 

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Bootcamp Graduate: YES (BC: Los Angeles, June 09)
LA BC (Jun 09) definitely expanded my horizon to life. I learned a lot about social dynamic around women, and most importantly, about myself as an Asian man. This alone can’t be put a price on it. As far as how the 3 days BC went, other BC alumni have covered pretty well in their posts!

Let me first tell you a bit about myself so you know how much this BC has done for me. I was drawn to the whole PU thing because it’d just never occurred to me that attracting women could be a set of learnable skills. That certainly gives me hope! I never have a girlfriend in my life, let alone experience with women is near zero! I grew up with girls constantly making fun of how ugly I was (suck!). Although I’ve moved to US for a while, I still can’t speak English fluently due to my prior anti-social attitude! I didn’t even know that I had been in depression till my college adviser insisted me to seek counseling. That was when it hit me that I need some serious HELP! So talking about anxieties, guys, I have a ton! I started getting inspirations from reading others’ triumph over oneself in PU forums. I still remember the nervousness the first time I went out to a bar to try an opener – it felt like the mind and body have a thinking of its own. I can tell you that learning this game by yourself is quite difficult without some sort of guidance. What I gained from this 3 days BC was much more than my 2 years of self-study! If it helped a guy like me to see himself differently, it certainly has some sort of values for anyone out there!

What made the BC so great was a team of charismatic people. Through their constantly personal attentions, I learned to manage my anxieties, and I discovered something intrinsic about myself at which I really need to address:

Poor oral and body language, tonality, and facial expressiveness
Low situational awareness
Trouble of maintaining my energy level
Lack of identifying a target after engaging people into conversation
Bail out too quickly when brain farting
I cannot BS
The most of all, as being a man, I lack of a competitive nature in other areas even when it comes to women. I have trouble on how to deal with other men and protect my target! I lost the game to myself first! I’ll have to reprogram my mind to replace these weakly upbringing habits!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every one in the ABC team! You guys are purely awesome!

Ozzie – thanks for staying with us the entire time and keeping us in state and tipping us what to do in-field. Your patience showed me the right way to learn this game.

Gareth – thanks for keeping us pumped-up. Your carefree and energetic attitude has definitely shed some light on me about the importance of being in the moment. This is the key to winning the game.

Kevin – thanks for keeping us in focus. Your great body language in-field would be my future reference. I’ll practice those cool improv drills that you showed us to improve my tonality and fast-thinking.

Elizabeth – thanks for winging me and making the whole approach of talking to girls much easier. I learned that talking to tall girls was not as hard as I thought before.

Claire – thanks for letting us practicing on you. Your friendly vibe taught me the value of projecting one’s self-image.

The last but greatest, JT – thanks for putting everything together and leaving a road map for others to follow. Your success in life makes others realize the possibility of their dreams. I learned from you that what it means to be an Asian man in US, i.e., don’t be afraid of going after what we want and overcome our limiting beliefs. What is good in life? It is to conquer our fears and achieve something worthwhile to look back when we’re old.

In addition, it was absolutely pleasure rolling with all the cool guys in BC. I’d love to roll with you guys next time!

To anyone who's struggling out there, BC might be your answer! Life is too short to enjoy! So stop over-thinking and worrying, just do it!

 Post subject: Re: LA Bootcamp Reflection (Jun 09)
PostPosted: 13 Jun 2009, 18:44 

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Congratulations and welcome aboard! And just remember, like anything, this is practice, practice, practice! You've been shown the right direction, it's going be a good journey. You'll have your ups, and your downs, and both will equally make it worth it all.

Much beloved token white guy.
 Post subject: Re: LA Bootcamp Reflection (Jun 09)
PostPosted: 13 Jul 2009, 18:17 
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I can't believe I haven't replied to this! It was my pleasure and we all had a blast. I'm glad I can demonstrate appreciating the moment! It's truly the most important and best way to live :)


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