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 Post subject: Bootcamp Review - Chicago Jan 2011
PostPosted: 27 Jan 2011, 09:12 
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It's been a few days after the Chicago bootcamp and I've officially recovered from the sleep deprivation, mass intake of knowledge, lecture, and practice. My first night of going out is TONIGHT and I hope to post a field report after the night is over on what happened.

My background in the community is intermediate. I have gone out sarging before and the most I've gotten was a K-Close, but not much more than that. I've been in the community since May of 2010. I have a bunch of super old field reports lingering somewhere in the FR section. Getting experience before bootcamp is extremely helpful, and if you can get your Approach Anxiety down as low as possible, you WILL get more out of bootcamp, guaranteed!

The first day of bootcamp, I understood that JT and Gareth had one mission, to make us better people and give us the tools for social and/or romantic success. The two were BRUTALLY HONEST. And in that sense, it was the best type of honesty possible. JT prefaced the brutality by saying it was more out of concern and care instead of jackassery. Even just the first day was full of information and knowledge, and was incredibly well structured in lecture. I took down plenty of notes and understood what they were saying. However, this was a TON of information and it is easy to get oversaturated with it. Make sure you bring water and trail mix to these to stay on your A-game.

The night portion of bootcamp was not what I expected. JT and Gareth have a pedagogical approach to pick up, and night 1 certainly helped out a TON! The missions we were given were simple and straightforward. In addition to the nightly missions, they also demonstrated opening sets. If we needed a demo on something, they would be more than happy to help us out. JT and Gareth are extremely approachable and are willing to answer all of your questions.

Throughout the rest of the bootcamp, JT and Gareth were always helping us, every step of the way. There were very few times that they weren't engaged with students (and if they were, they were playing with the jukebox at the pad.) The instructors DO want to get to know you on a certain level and are willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how brutally honest it is, to have you attain success.

When I got back to school, I came in with a new haircut, tighter fitting clothing, more importantly, a new attitude.
"It's like you disappeared this weekend and came back a new person!" is the reaction that EVERYONE is saying. Suprisingly, my roommates and classmates think I'm more "hipster" now, but whatever. I'm feeling my "Traveler's Confidence" coming back because I'm graduating in 3 months, most likely, I won't see these people again! Going to a party tonight after class, gonna get my sarge on and have an AWESOME time. Going out is SO MUCH MORE FUN now than it ever was before.

If you haven't gotten the hint, go take a bootcamp if you want to take the steps to creating the lifestyle you were meant to have.


 Post subject: Re: Bootcamp Review - Chicago Jan 2011
PostPosted: 06 Feb 2011, 02:40 

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Welcome to the brotherhood! I'm from Chicago too. Let's kick it sometime!


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and my 30 day challenge: 30-day-challengers-club-f58/kyle-s-beginner-s-hell-30-day-challenge-t4991.html

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