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 Post subject: Bootcamp Day 3; Accomplished a major goal...
PostPosted: 13 Jul 2009, 13:46 
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...This wasn't a kiss close, or a lay. I did get two numbers, however.

But the crowning achievement was last night, while at a bar I was called over by a group of
four girls and one guy from my college who I had only seen in passing. This
was THE BEST time in my life that they could have possibly ever met me for real. These
girls were all smoking hot and I was not scared or intimidated at all. I went in and told my stories,
demonstrated DHV, and made an amazing impression, moving most of the girls away from the one guay, even getting one of the girls numbers. Plus a hug and a "see you in the fall" from one of the hottest girls in my school. This hug was out of nowhere and initiated by her.

If you could put this week in a montage it would find a happy home in any 80's movie.

The best thing that this camp did for me was turn me into a better version of myself. Instead of being afraid I was able to be the best version of myself.

then UPDATE: So I got one of the girls numbers, texted her, and now we are going out later in the week.

Now: How do I get into the Alumni boards?

 Post subject: Re: Bootcamp Day 3; Accomplished a major goal...
PostPosted: 13 Jul 2009, 21:20 
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That's awesome, bro. We hope that the bootcamp helped put you on the right path by learning all the proper fundamentals of game and lifestyle.

There's a NYC Alumni contingent that you can hit up to go kick it with like minded wingmen. And hopefully we'll see you at the next NYC Reunion later this year!

For those who are curious, RockSoldier- a Caucasian student- took a 1on1 Mentoring Bootcamp with our NYC Instructor William:

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 Post subject: Re: Bootcamp Day 3; Accomplished a major goal...
PostPosted: 14 Jul 2009, 01:57 

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Hey RockSoldier,

I'm glad you had a great experience. I think EVERY guy has very charming and attractive qualities, but not all of them realize it. I know for me before my bootcamp, I felt like I was missing a lot of traits and I thought I wasn't charismatic enough, but it turned out I had it in me all along. And that's exactly what ABC did for me - they taught me how to convey myself better - brought out my best self - and how to apply it towards getting better with women. I'm sure you experienced something similar in the end! Congratulations again on taking a step towards being a better man. Good luck in the future. :)


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