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 Post subject: Boot camp review-NYC June 2012
PostPosted: 10 Jun 2012, 22:01 

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Bootcamp Graduate: Y BC NY Jun2012
I just finished my boot camp with Gareth Jones in NYC. I chose ABCs of Attraction not just because I'm Asian but also because I liked their core belief in taking charge in seduction and improving your life-not just fucking whole lotta girls. 

A little about myself and my experience. I'm a FOB. I used to be quite good at picking up attractive girls back home, but my inadequacy in speaking English impeded with girls. I worked hard to master the language and now I can sometimes pass for a native speaker (I still say FOB stuff here and there, don't get jokes and my accent pops out that ppl will know I'm not a native after a while). 

I started getting girls' attention again, but I still wasn't getting the girls I was attracted to. I would try to pick them up but my nerve would cripple my tongue, Id become self-concious and get all worked up. With my stupid pride in being good at picking up women in the past and people assuming I am good with women, I felt stuck for a long time.

I went into the bootcamp with high expectations. I did the homework and went over the step approaches from the blog. Reflecting on my own experience, many of them made sense and felt like I had been doing that in past. But  I realized I had many holes in my game to begin with, even back in my home country when I was successful-a lot of the process was left in the hands of the girls. I did not have a solid foundation.

Anyway, I felt I was prepared to get the most out of my time and money spent. But I was wrong! Facing a beautiful girl in front, scripts in my head was whitened out. Not just in front of hit ones but any girl-quite different saying those things to a live human being-duh! The simplest opener wouldn't come out or come out awkward. I would forget to use the physical maneuvers we had practiced during the day. I was very disappointed in myself.

That being said, the instructors were there to save the day. I received so many critical advices on the spot-ranging from small things that i was doing wrong unconsciously to stuff I was avoiding from fear or whatever else my brain was cooking. Adjusting these things immediately worked on girls-immediately on banging hot babes I would have needed few shots of tequila to round up enough courage to just say hello a week ago. Had I done my homework better, I could have gotten more of those specific advices further along the step. Now that it is over, I am kicking myself for not preparing more because without solid practice, you rely on anything you have in the field, which meant my old routine that had not served me right. 

The best part about the bootcamp was getting to know the instructors. Every single instructors were awesome. Gareth is outrageously funny with charisma, the type of person that draws people. Just watching him in action is educational because through the lecture, you can identify the specific intent he has in what he is doing (whichever wouldn't have been able to identify without the lecture because it comes out naturally). Ben is super funny and a kind/genuine person that's really concerned of the well-being of the students (not that Gareth and the other coaches are not). Jay is like the super cool older brother everybody wish they had (even though he's younger than me). He always looked after us in the field and giving us advices even after class in his off-work time. Mike was only present at night for the field work but super friendly and made me feel at ease when I was getting frustrated.

Not only were the instructors great at what they do, they went out of their way to befriend us and we became friends at the end. Ben asked us to write down whatever we wanted on his note at the end of the camp. I found myself struggling to write down all of my gratitude. I ended up tearing the page out and just wrote thanks. I got Jay into trouble because I would pick his brains during and after our session time. These guys have hectic schedule and I should have respected their free time more. Yes it's touchy-feely but fuck it I liked them a lot and I can guarantee you will feel that way too if you spend time with them.

I've lived in NY for 7 years but it's not the same place anymore after this boot camp. It's an awesome practice field and hopefully a hunting field in the near future-just like the way I felt about my hometown where I used to feel awesome. So I'm really glad I took the boot camp. I have a lot of work to do but I now have a clear idea of the path to success in seduction.

If anyone reading this review is thinking of taking the boot camp, I highly recommend doing the homework and make it your own so that the instructors can help you at your specific problem. Trust your instructors and enjoy success, it will ring a bell that you are on the correct path.

 Post subject: Re: Boot camp review-NYC June 2012
PostPosted: 11 Jun 2012, 20:17 

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Bootcamp Graduate: NY June12
I also attended this bootcamp so I'm not going to add much more because he basically hit the nail on the end.

This bootcamp really cut down on my AA, which was really high at the beginning and shattered a lot of my limiting beliefs. However, what I learned this weekend was so much more than just how to pick up chicks. It is the idea that to make the most out of life, everyday you need to strive to make yourself a more interesting and complete person, which can only be done by doing new scary things that are outside your comfort zone. Life is too short to let opportunities slip away because you are too scared to go for it.

I also want to thank Gareth, Ben, and Jay. Some of the coolest guys I have ever met that really care about the students. Shit, I've only been gone a day and I miss the fuck out of them.

 Post subject: Re: Boot camp review-NYC June 2012
PostPosted: 11 Jun 2012, 20:44 
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You are a stud. You can do it.

Hey this is THAI, 27 year old American born with Thai descent. I as well took the ABC's of Attraction bootcamp in NYC, June 8, 2012. I give the experience a 20 on a 1-10 scale :D. The program was well worth every penny I spent that whole weekend, and here is why.

Firstly I want to say that when people look at me they think accountant, or IT man; thanks to Ben for his honesty (ABC instructor). No girl wants to bang or date a nerdy engineer, unless she also is a nerdy engineer. How I look and how I act is different. I am actually a jock and adventurous person, but no one would ever know that, unless they got to know me. So how to get people to know this of me, well that's easy, TELL STORIES. I suck at stories, but great at jumping from airplanes, or jumping from cliffs. I also have a great heart and am very kind to people, I volunteer often at my local religious affiliation. No girl would know of my kind heart until I tell her about it. So why not tell people and show girls that I am a stud. Well I am terrible at talking and conveying this man of action, adventurous, sexy, man I am. I also am really shy and scared of what people think of me, especially women. So this bootcamp opened up my reality and saved my life. Now everything I say is awesome, so I am no longer scared.

Most people who choose to attend an ABC's of Attraction bootcamp are there to change something in their life. Having sex with the girl of your choice is a bonus, but the main reason is to better themselves. That is the difference between ABC's and other companies. I saw myself not able to socialize with women and having very little success. I fall in love with a girl almost every other day; I love their bodies and sexuality. Life becomes frustrating not being able to tell that girl how, BEAUTIFUL she is. Everything changed after going through that bootcamp. I feel like a pimp, stud, real man. The information you learn is priceless, but the experience you get from the night sessions is crucial to change. You may read "The Game" or JT Tran's (Asian Playboy) book and learn everything, but without going out to try it, you can never learn. The instructors help you every step of the way, from your approach to your walk. The way you stand and hold yourself is so, so important to show women you are the real deal man they are looking for. I think so highly of the instructors they are the epitome of cool. They show you how to become like them and attract the women you want.

There is so much more for me to learn. I have to go out and become the man I want to be. My journey will lead me to take classes for improv, dance, and find other attractive qualities that women find desirable. It is going to be fun, fun, fun. Everything I do is awesome.

Thanks again Gareth, Ace, and Ben J. I respect what you guys do, you are fun makers. That's life guys, the fun makers or the fun takers. Take the bootcamp and be the life of the party, or at least be the life of your own party. Fun is to be had and we all deserve it RIGHT? Yes we do!

This was a message brought to you by the token Thai Guy. :D

Send me some questions I'd be glad to give my insight, or better yet call up the company, they will help you with everything you want to know.

 Post subject: Re: Boot camp review-NYC June 2012
PostPosted: 13 Jun 2012, 11:24 

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Bootcamp Graduate: NY June12

I be short and to the the point. I learned alot for Gareth, Jay and Ben. How to earn confidence through working toward tasks. They provide a solid structure and great feedback; like how I would lend in, my tonality, or swaying my body. I am the type that doesn't talk much but once I got more comforatble I began to treat it as a mission, a mission to push myself and how to link topic into conversation. I was never good with story, and from this camp I generated some :) . I believe this camp is a foundation that everyone can build upon and improve oneself!

Coaches: Thanks for the Awesomeness!
Myself: +5pts for the Brazilian :)


 Post subject: Re: Boot camp review-NYC June 2012
PostPosted: 15 Jun 2012, 11:43 

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Bootcamp Graduate: Yes (BC NYC June 2012)
Be a better person,
Be a better man,
Then be better at picking up girls.

That's the most important philosophy I learned at the bootcamp. Besides being extraordinary PUAs, the coaches are all amazing people. Gareth is vivid and theoretical, constantly telling interesting stories. Ben is so nice and sweet and He befriends with everybody. Ace is like the big brother type of figure and he takes care of you. As Gareth always mention, "Always give people value". That's what I like the most about their concept of holistic pickup.

I highly recommend the bootcamp to everybody. Here you learned the whole structure of pick up. You learn all the gambits and lines you can use in each phase. Most importantly, you get to go in the field and practice the hell out of it. I have never picked up any girls in clubs before the bootcamp. After the bootcamp, I realized it's not that hard to open and stay in a set anyway. The bootcamp gives you this big kick for you to go out there and try. Plus, you got to meet the amazing coaches and see what kind of people they are and you won't be surprised that they are successful with women. Also, all the coaches become friends with you and you can always count them for help.

Oh, well, that's all I would like to say for now. I need to get ready to sarge with my fellow alumni tonight. See you guys out there! :o

 Post subject: Re: Boot camp review-NYC June 2012
PostPosted: 17 Jun 2012, 18:02 
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NYC grads,

Gareth, Jay, and myself had a wonderful time teaching you guys. You all have big hearts and lots of enthusiasm. I'm positive all of you will be working hard and getting some great results in the future with your newfound skills. Thanks for writing reviews and being great students. We really enjoyed ourselves and we hope you guys grow, develop, and continue to improve yourselves.

Be better than you were yesterday :)

Ben J

ABC's of Attraction Approach Coach
"ACTION is the foundational key to SUCCESS" - Piccaso
Chicago January 2011 Boot Camp Review
 Post subject: Re: Boot camp review-NYC June 2012
PostPosted: 18 Jun 2012, 23:34 

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The ABC bootcamp was definitely a growing experience. The most memorable thing for me was Gareth Jones telling me I was negative. I don't think anyone has said that to me before and I really took it to heart. I realized that I am negative, there's only two things to do from realizing this, either stay the way I am, or work at becoming more positive. I'm going to be more positive and optimistic. I'm starting with continuing all the things I learned in this bootcamp because I know all this stuff works theoretically, I just have to find my own way in this and following the abc structure. I just need to keep working at this until I get there. This is no small feat but I know I'll get there. So far I learned that part of being positive is just knowing everything will work out somehow, some way. I'm going to find a wingman, go out and be better than I was yesterday.

I feel like I've made a little progress and this bootcamp definitely helped that.

Thank you Gareth, Jay and Ben.

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