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 Post subject: Asian Playboy New York weekend of 11/13/09 bootcamp review
PostPosted: 23 Nov 2009, 18:04 

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Hi all here's my review. I'm gonna make it short and sweet.

Day 1
Lecture material included A and B. We got to practice our openers and kino turning. Good feedback from JT and William.
The night game portion was pretty good I opened multiple sets.

Venue 1 - JT was pushing us to talk/approach, but I think the could have pushed us more.
- 3-set of white girls. Opened them but couldn't keep convo going, some black guys started dancing with them and were very aggresive, they seemed to like it.
- 3 set. Target became this asian girl. Good convo with BT spiking and teasing. Number colsed her. I wish JT would have pushed me more with this girl, I probably could have gone further...
- Will got me into a seated 2 set. I got AMOG'd by a guy who shook my hand so hard he almost broke it. He grabbed my girl away to the dance floor. Will taught me a cool AMOG defense trick after.

Venue 2 - My first approach stuck and my target was a Puerto Rican girl. Found out she was into Asian guys. Went into good Kino escalation. I probably could have kissed her but we had to go, so i just got a number close.

Day 2
Today we did C and D. Great storytelling lecture from William. Practiced storytelling. Good lecture from JT about being more descriptive. Learned about expressing direct interest. Kiss close tactics. Learned about opening seated sets.

Venue 1 - Mission was to bring girls to our table. My classmate was awesome at this. I sucked. Only one notable set tonight. Seated 1 set opened, good flirting, good kino. Danced with her. She was ready to leave to another venue, so I took her to an isolation area. I don't remember what I said...I gave her the sexy gaze. We make out. Number close.

At the end of the night, JT and William give us a life changing speech about manhood. Two thumbs up.

Day 3
We do E and F. Not much to explain here mostly logistics. Good session on AMOG tactics.

Venue 1 - Opened multiple sets. Only one hooked. Dominican girl. Danced and good kino with her. Was being cockblocked by her frineds. Number closed her. End of night. William takes me to do some AMOGing. I successfully AMOG 2 sets. Most notable was a tall blonde with 3 huge cornfed white guys. I open and BLP them out. All three AMOGs disperse.

William gives me a good talk after the night.

Overall it was a good bootcamp. I noticed JT was missing in action in field on the 2nd and 3rd nights. William is a good at explaining things and helped me more while I was infield. I wish JT would have pushed me more. I heard stories of him pushing students to the point of tears, I actually wanted that...but it didn't happen...

Was it worth the money? Simple answer, Yes.

All the best from your new PUA in training,

formerly known as JakeLee

 Post subject: Re: New York weekend of 11/13/09 bootcamp review by JakeLee
PostPosted: 27 Nov 2009, 07:32 

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Wassup Jake,

glad to hear you thought it was worth it, sexy gaze haha... I'm taking the Mar '10 bootcamp with william.

was curious to know how many sets you guys actually approached those nights to get an idea of what your success rate was after getting coached.

have you had previous success like this in the past prior to taking the boot camp?


 Post subject: Re: New York weekend of 11/13/09 bootcamp review by JakeLee
PostPosted: 06 Dec 2009, 09:05 

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Lots of Latinas. I like to hear that :)

 Post subject: Re: New York weekend of 11/13/09 bootcamp review by JakeLee
PostPosted: 25 Dec 2009, 14:28 
Koi Fish

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Nice, dude. It was great taking the bootcamp with you. Congrats on that makeout~ pretty fast escalation...i gotta learn from you. I wrote up half a bootcamp review but was too lazy to finish up the second half. maybe I'll get to finishing that and posting it sometime.

as you know, the flu season and corporate work hours have caught up with me but i definitely wanna commit to this in 2010... gunna be a good year!

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