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 Post subject: Waiting too long to reply to texts
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2011, 02:31 
Koi Fish

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Hey folks,

I was just wondering if you've ever waited too long to reply to texts. I feel like I've been over analyzing everything I write and it takes me forever to reply to a message. That on top of not being able to use my phone during work often results in a *very* lengthy delay.

I ask this as I had a pretty awesome date with an nice aussie girl from the gym on Wednesday (great conversation and kiss close). I thought about sending a "I enjoyed the evening. See you soon" type text straight away but didn't wan't to seem to clingy. So I waited till Saturday and said "Hey missy I met this really cute girl on Wednesday. I kinda want to see her. But she was a bit intense for a tax accountant. Advice?" [I had told her a story about a disaster blind date I went on with a really boring chick who ended up thinking I was "too intense"]. I got a very positive response from her within 5 minutes "Hey! I'm sure she would be more than happy to catch up. If she's welcome...". I felt like writing back straight away but I just couldn't think of anything (silly me!). So after a gym session and getting some work done (6 hours later!) I write "I wonder if she's free for a run on Monday. I have a feeling she's into fitness. Dinner dates are so cliche anyways" [We were on a dinner date on Wednesday and she flies back into town on Monday].

It's now Sunday night here and I am still sitting by my phone waiting for a response :roll:. I thought about messaging some other girls, but don't want to receive their messages as false alarms :lol:. I'm guessing she probably felt pretty shit waiting for my messages, so I suppose it's only karma that I'm waiting for her to reply! How AFC :mrgreen:

 Post subject: Re: Waiting too long to reply to texts
PostPosted: 16 Oct 2011, 02:50 

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You just met the girl, I gotta say im think I fairly good in the texting department. I don't know why maybe cause I was better at texting than i was with talking face to face with the actual girl.

Anyway don't say "dates" if you just met the girl it makes them picture them that they are already developing a relationship with you.

You don't want that just yet until at least you "meet up"

See with the girl I'm currently dating now I asked her if she would help me with some clothe shopping cause i found out she likes shopping and she had to buy something as well so i thought lets make this a chance to meet up.

Heres what I would have probably said

"Hey since your obviously a girl, you must love shopping"
"Hell Yes I Do! blah blah blah"
"Well this weekend I was planning on shopping for [Insert Random clothing/accessory your planning to buy] And I could use a womens help, would you like to help me...and if your good you can carry my shopping bags for me!"
"Hahaha yea sure"
(Note this can be good later in the future)

At the meet up use this chance to be witty, funny, and banter THEN phase into a instant date like lunch or dinner...this will put you in a more suitable environment to be more personal get to know her and she gets to know you at a deeper level.

Hope that helps...

Sorry if this was rushed I've been at a Property Investment Bootcamp no time to even jump on the net

 Post subject: Re: Waiting too long to reply to texts
PostPosted: 29 Dec 2011, 03:29 

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It could have been many things that stopped her from texting you.

1. She died.
2. Her family took a vacation to Antarctica and they have no signal there.
3. She never GOT your text.
4. She got mad for some stupid reason.

Many, many more things could've happened; the following are solutions.

1. Not much you can do, maybe attend the funeral?
2. Fly to Antarctica.
3. Resend the same text.
4. Give her a call. Sounds like you know how to talk.

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