What other expenses (Hotel, Flight, etc) can I expect?

Students are responsible for their own individual hotel, flight, food and drinks.

HOTEL: We recommend getting a hotel a week in advance of the program and making sure it’s refundable with 24 hour notice in case the seminar location changes for whatever reason. Get a hotel near the seminar location or the downtown area of the city. You can also split a hotel room if you want to save on expenses or stay at a hostel.
FLIGHT: For flights, we recommend flying in either a day early if it’s a long flight or flying in that morning/afternoon. Generally (look at your individual event page for specific, up-to-date details), weekend programs start on Friday at 4pm. Give yourself time to get to your accomodations from the airport, freshen up, and relax.
You can book an inexpensive hotel and flight at either Kayak.com or Priceline.com.
MISC EXPENSES: The students are responsible for the club entrance of both themselves and only one trainer at a time, so expect to spend $50-$100 per night or- in other words- a normal night of going out expenses anyways. This will obviously depend on how much you drink (if you choose to drink) and other misc random expenses, but can range from very little if you are frugal to more.
TRANSPORTATION & TAXI: The students are responsible for both their own and their instructor/coach/intern/winggirl’s transportation during the infield portion of the bootcamp. Each individual is responsible for getting to the seminar and then to venue with whomever and whatever form it takes. This may be your own vehicle, a shared ride, or splitting a taxi. BE ON TIME!

IN SUMMARY: Basic rule of thumb for all of the above expenses is to bring at least $100 cash each night. This should cover everything explained above and more of a “worse case scenario.” We do not actually expect you to spend that much, but it’s better to err on the safe side. You don’t want to get stuck at night without taxi money after all…
Saturday may be more expensive so plan for that, possibly $150. For Sunday fashion, if you plan on shopping, budget $400-$600 for a new wardrobe (this option is generally only for Los Angeles and New York City). Paying for your instructor/coach’s food or drinks is not required, but always highly appreciated.

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