How is the ABCs of Attraction different from other companies?

Like most companies, our job is to teach you how to get better with women. We’re different from other companies because we teach an easy, step by step process that can be learned and implemented within three days. We don’t have unrealistic expectations of what we think you can learn in one weekend. Making false promises would be a disservice to our clients. Also making promises that sound too good to be true probably are. While we are a results driven company, we know that everyone will learn at his own pace but that doesn’t mean you won’t be pushed.

The ABCs of Attraction also teaches the most relatable and realistic system in pick up. Our company history comes from JT Tran and his struggles in pick up. He as learned to use what others see as a disadvantage to his advantage. Characteristics like race and height are now necessary to his pick up infrastructure and it is his pleasure to share this knowledge with as many men as possible. Where before there was no niche for minorities in pick up, JT has created a place for men from all walks of life to learn and grow not just in pick up, but in life. Our students range in age, race, and income-but the ABCs structure can be tailored to anyone as long as they are willing to commit to the steps.

Our goal is to give you the framework and skillset so that you may leave any of our programs feeling prepared. We like to maintain long term friendships with all of our alums and students via our online forum, facebook, and meet ups. It is our pleasure to see you grow to your fullest potential. We also offer a large variety of first hand reviews for the public to view. We want guys to make informed decisions about what company they choose when seeking instruction.

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