I just purchased a product and when I tried to download, it tells me I have to register the product to my account. When I try to do that, it says that I have a “duplicate account.”

If you are a new user, you will need to create an account and register the product that you purchased in order to download it. If you are already a member you will need to login to your account first and then register each new product so that you can access and download them. Every time you purchase a new product you will have to go through the process of registering the product when you are logged into the members area. If you have forgotten you login name or password, please click the ‘forgot login’ or ‘forgot password’ in order to retrieve or change your information. If you do not see an email immediately, please check your junk and/or spam box for the reset link and instructions. If the problems persist, please contact the ABCs Support Desk for assistance.

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