FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

8) Payments/Finance

Does the ABCs support or donate to any charities?

Yes, we do. We proudly donate 10% of all proceeds which go to support An Orphan’s Prayer Foundation. This charity has established relationships with global missions to help restore children’s lives through orphan care. Currently AOP is sustaining a village of 60 orphan children in La Hatte, Haiti and your dollars are going there to help. AOP is providing food, clothing, medical care, and education for the children in La Hatte. Our financial support also provides placement of Christian ‘mommas’ to love and care for the children. For more information about An Orphan’s Prayer Foundation or to donate directly to the cause, check out their website. http://www.anorphansprayer.org/

How do I pay my remaining balance?

You may pay your remaining balance here.

If you have any questions about your remaining balance or payment methods, please email support@abcofattraction.com

What is the Refund Policy?

Our refund policy is designed to give you peace of mind to sign up early for our bootcamps without worry. Also we are so confident that you will enjoy the bootcamp experience and find it worth every penny if not more, just as hundreds of our previous students have, we offer a full, prorated refund policy.

The full prorated refund means if you stay 1/3 of the bootcamp, you’ll just pay 1/3 of the price minus the event and credit card transaction fee.*

Bootcamp is 3 days, 3 nights, so if you stay 1 day, 1 night, you’ll only be charged for 1/3 of the full price. (Example, if a bootcamp’s total cost is $1,500, and you stay one day and one night, you’ll be charged $500 only)

FOR DOMESTIC PROGRAMS: There is no fee or penalty to cancel if more than 30 days notice is given-you’ll receive a 100% refund.* The penalty for cancellation with less than 30 days notice, or after pre-bootcamp homework has been accessed or after plane tickets and travel arrangements have been purchased, is the first day deposit.

FOR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: Due to the high cost of international airline tickets, the penalty for cancellation before 30 days notice is $300. If airline tickets have already been purchased or notice is given with less than 30 days, the full payment is forfeit. Again, this has to do with the high cost of traveling overseas and the prohibitive price of flying trainers to another country.

FOR 1-ON-1s AND LONG TERM TRAINING: The nature of 1-on-1s and long term training programs (like, but not limited to, our 12 Weeks Of Fury) means that your trainer has to shift his schedule a significant amount in order to accommodate you. This means rearranging his personal, family, romantic life as well as professional life in order to accommodate you. This is especially true if he has to fly to your location. Because of the huge commitment in time and resources that the instructor and and company have to commit to you, no refund is possible once your deposit has been made. This supersedes any other refund policy.

If you simply don’t show up, and make us wait around trying to figure out what happened to you, the entire deposit will be forfeited or you can have a full credit towards another bootcamp with a $300 penalty. You can also receive full credit towards a rescheduled bootcamp if you inform us before the 30 day time limit.

Rescheduling is limited to one time only and is at the discretion of the lead instructor. Excessive rescheduling requests will result in the forfeiture of the deposit. This is to prohibit bootcamp spots form being taken up by cancellations.

So please let us know ahead of time if you can’t make it.

ACT OF GOD CLAUSE: If a cancellation is requested within seven days of a program, all deposits and payments will be considered forfeit except in the event of extreme circumstances limited to acts of God, or family death. In the case of these extreme circumstances, the bootcamp attendee will be scheduled for the next program in or near the event city within six months. If the attendee is unable to reschedule, the deposit and/or payments will be considered forfeit. All other cancellation requests will be denied and the deposit/payments forfeit.

* Refunds have to be requested IN PERSON during the bootcamp to one of your trainers. You must speak with your trainer laying out your concerns and obstacles that you’re currently facing and give him full faith effort to rectify and address any grievances. If you still want a refund after discussing your situation with your trainer in person, then we will process your refund 48-72 business hours after the end of bootcamp. Simply not showing up to class will not be cause for a refund and your payment will be forfeit.

PRE-BOOTCAMP HOME STUDY COURSE: Each bootcamp purchase comes with a free bonus home study product in order to get you in on the ground floor running and to supercharge your results even before the start of the bootcamp. It includes a package of audio, video, and written guides aimed at getting you the most bang for your buck. However, it is entirely optional. If you choose to access your home study course, you waive the right to request a full refund before the program begins. Our standard prorated refund policy to ensure your peace of mind then applies.

* DISCOUNT RATES VOID REFUND POLICY: If you qualified for a discount and accepted it (this also includes discounts on products), then the refund policy is void. For example, in 2013 we offered Early Bird Discounts, which meant clients who paid in full early received a discount. And in the majority of cases, our bootcamps are sold out. However, by asking for a refund at the last minute or for whatever excuse, you denied someone else the opportunity to attend that bootcamp seat. Thus, you have two options: either accept the discount (only if one has been offered you and you qualify) and waive the right to a refund OR pay the full price of the ticket and be covered by our “Peace Of Mind” Refund Policy. This is a very similar and reasonable policy that major hotels and airlines have when it comes to selling their tickets at discounted prices in advance or selling them at full price.

But we hope that you never have to use our “Peace Of Mind” Refund Policy and join the ranks of the tens-of-thousands of ABCs Of Attraction students around the world who have joined the elite rank of bootcamp graduates and been satisfied by the elite level of instruction and personalization that we provide. We hope to work with you soon!

What other expenses (Hotel, Flight, etc) can I expect?

Students are responsible for their own individual hotel, flight, food and drinks.

HOTEL: We recommend getting a hotel a week in advance of the program and making sure it’s refundable with 24 hour notice in case the seminar location changes for whatever reason. Get a hotel near the seminar location or the downtown area of the city. You can also split a hotel room if you want to save on expenses or stay at a hostel.
FLIGHT: For flights, we recommend flying in either a day early if it’s a long flight or flying in that morning/afternoon. Generally (look at your individual event page for specific, up-to-date details), weekend programs start on Friday at 4pm. Give yourself time to get to your accomodations from the airport, freshen up, and relax.
You can book an inexpensive hotel and flight at either Kayak.com or Priceline.com.
MISC EXPENSES: The students are responsible for the club entrance of both themselves and only one trainer at a time, so expect to spend $50-$100 per night or- in other words- a normal night of going out expenses anyways. This will obviously depend on how much you drink (if you choose to drink) and other misc random expenses, but can range from very little if you are frugal to more.
TRANSPORTATION & TAXI: The students are responsible for both their own and their instructor/coach/intern/winggirl’s transportation during the infield portion of the bootcamp. Each individual is responsible for getting to the seminar and then to venue with whomever and whatever form it takes. This may be your own vehicle, a shared ride, or splitting a taxi. BE ON TIME!

IN SUMMARY: Basic rule of thumb for all of the above expenses is to bring at least $100 cash each night. This should cover everything explained above and more of a “worse case scenario.” We do not actually expect you to spend that much, but it’s better to err on the safe side. You don’t want to get stuck at night without taxi money after all…
Saturday may be more expensive so plan for that, possibly $150. For Sunday fashion, if you plan on shopping, budget $400-$600 for a new wardrobe (this option is generally only for Los Angeles and New York City). Paying for your instructor/coach’s food or drinks is not required, but always highly appreciated.

Do You Offer any Discounts or Payment Plans?

For 2013 programs, we offer two types of payment options; the Early Bird option or the deposit option. This option expires at the end of the year. Read further for 2014’s payment offerings.

If you have made your decision to take our program in the near future, then take advantage of our Early Bird discount program. We offer discounts of $400 off for signing up 90 days in advance or $200 off for signing up 30 days in advance and for making your entire payment in full. The Early Bird discount doesn’t apply to international and certain domestic programs, so make sure to check with the specific city in which you are interested in signing up.

If you need more time to decide on a program, you can use our deposit option. To hold your bootcamp seat, you can place a deposit of $450. You will then pay the remaining balance anytime before your bootcamp program. This option is for those who do not have all of the money up front or for those who feel they may need to reschedule per our refund policy.

2014 Payment options:

We are offering several new payment options for our 2014 bootcamps.

The deposit option is still available. Pay a deposit of $499 to hold your bootcamp seat now and then pay the remaining balance prior to the start of your bootcamp. The same rules apply per our reschedule/refund policy.  Please note if you purchase the Bronze Bootcamp, you will be paid in full with no balance owed. For an expanded description of the different bootcamp types, please see “What is the difference between the ticket levels Platinum, Gold, etc.?”

Our second option is the payment plan offered through Paypal’s Bill Me Later. This is a great option to get free financing. Paypal offers six months same as cash (that means 0% interest and no finance charges) on purchases over $99 so a bootcamp qualifies!

Here are some quick instructions on how to sign up for a botcamp and pay using Paypal’s Bill Me Later. Please note, you must have an existing Paypal account in order to apply for this service.

-Go to the bootcamp city page you’d like to take your program in and select your ticket. Click “Order Now” and proceed through the prompts.

-After you’ve filled out your personal information, at the bottom of the page click the “Check out with Paypal” button. You will be redirected to Paypal. You can now log in to your existing Paypal account.  Select Bill Me Later as your payment method. A window will appear on your screen asking for your birth date and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Once you accept the terms, approval takes just seconds; Bill Me Later will then be added to your PayPal account automatically.

-You will then be able to complete the bootcamp payment transaction and receive an email receipt from Paypal with the terms and conditions.

It’s that easy! If for some reason you do not get approved for the line of credit, contact the main office at support@abcofattraction.com or call 1-888-689-4263.

Alumni Discounts

We offer alumni 25% off of future bootcamp programs. Simply contact the main office to redeem this discount

Alumni are also eligible for a “buy three get one free” program. If you buy one full-price bootcamp and two additional bootcamps at the 25% off alumni price, you earn a free bootcamp!*

*Some restrictions apply. The free bootcamp is based on space availability. We may not be able to accommodate you if a bootcamp is sold out.

How will charges to ABCs of Attraction appear on my bank statement?

We always take your privacy into consideration. If you purchase any of our products through Clickbank, the charge will show up as Clickbank on your statement. If you purchase a ticket through Eventbrite, the charge will display as APB Productions. We don’t post anything as being charged to ABCs of Attraction.