FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) General

Who is the Asian Playboy?

Our leader and founder, JT Tran (better known as JT the Asian Playboy), is universally regarded as the World’s Best Asian Pickup Artist, and the toughest instructor in the industry. He is the ORIGINATOR of the often-imitated, but never duplicated “Holistic” method of Pick-Up, and the first dating guru to EVER have a uniform curriculum. He has arguably taught more minority students than ANY OTHER instructor in the world and is the UNDISPUTED master of interracial dating.

Once unable to even breathe around women, Tran is now worshipped for his unmatchable and versatile master of both DIRECT and INDIRECT Game, Social Circle Game and unprecedented Kino Escalation & Dominance. Moreover, he possesses the SUPERNATURAL ability to train even the most the hopeless students that most other pickup companies turn away.

Likened to Tom Cruise in the pages of the Nichi Bei Times, Tran’s specializes in taking Asian men with absolutely NO social skills – men who have rarely left their computers, let alone spoken to a women -and helping them romantically connect with beautiful women.

His methods to winning over women can be broken down into easy-to-understand steps that have allowed thousands of men to reach the sexual freedom of choice they have always desired. The ABCs of Attraction will destroy any anxiety that comes from talking to a woman, while building a man’s self-confidence and natural charisma.

The ABCs concepts are flexible to any situation or method of pickup, and are pre-packaged as a simple mnemonic starting at A and ending at F.

His methods are so powerful that he is able to take these students and surgically remove the “geek” from the man.

His clientele ranges from TV stars to college students, and multimillionaire industry titans have flown him around the planet for private consultation.

Tran’s ABCs of Attraction has long been considered the top independent pickup company for minority men, outlasting the competition simply because his students’ results are in an ELITE league of their own.

Pickup masters from around the globe consider his method of teaching as the wave of the future. Tran has single-handedly ushered in a new era of pickup instruction.

He recently landed the cover of AsianWeek Newspaper, where he was lauded as a “master pick-up artist and entrepreneur”, and Tran has also graced the pages of D Magazine, Banana Living, and the infamous Cliff’s List, referred to in The Game.

But less than 10 years ago, he was clueless on how to meet women.

As a 5-foot-6 Vietnamese teenager, he focused all his time on his studies, harboring romantic dreams of dating the “out of his league cheerleaders” in his classes.

A typical Asian-American social reject, Tran literally drug himself out of the dirty Texas streets, battling unstoppable racism while trying to date white (and other) women.

He finally managed to gain the heart of a beautiful Southern Belle in college, only to lose her when he moved to California to begin his career as a rocket scientist and NASA subcontractor. Downtrodden and alone, Tran set out to find the “secret” to successfully meeting women.

In education, he was an all-star. But in the dating world he was still a rookie.

With only his determination and a dream to romantically connect with the most beautiful of models, he poured over everything there was to know about pickup, becoming one of the original students of legendary pickup artist Mystery.

Tran spent years of trial and error in the field, winging with pickup legends, before developing his own breakthrough methods of attraction designed specifically from the ground up to turn a zero into a hero by addressing ALL facets of pick-up and lifestyle, otherwise known as the Holistic Way.

An average-looking guy, Tran knew he would have to work harder than the next man to get the results he dreamed of. Instead of taking the easy route, he chose to pursue only the women that he thought were perfect 10’s. When he got good at that, he pushed it further by befriending male models and competing with them to woo women.

In 2009, he is more active in the community than ever, and his students dominate in nightclubs around the world.

His small-average-guy-gets-the-hot-girl method is airtight, as hundreds of his students can attest to, and his personal instructors are some of the best in the business.

While many pickup artists rely on gimmicks or flashy clothes to get the girls, Tran continues to push the idea that pickup must be taught through a “Holistic” process, that focuses on changing every facet of a person’s being. This has become the pillar of his instruction. His methods have been taught around the world and have become a staple for men of all races.

In the words of APB:

“If you want to get the girl of your dreams, you have to become the man of hers!”


What other (media) proof do you have? Are you guys for real?

We’ve been on  various television networks and have been invited to speak at Ivy League University events.  JT Tran has spoken at Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago, and Wharton School of Business.  The ABCs of Attraction has also been featured on Nightline, Her Campus, NBC, LA Weekly, and New York Magazine.

See for yourself!

ABC Nightline


ABC Cityline

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New York Magazine – Paper Tigers

Do you have a glossary or definition list of all the ABCs of Attraction and Terminology?

Here is just a partial list of common ABCs terms.

AMOG (Alpha Male Other Guy or douchebag) – Another male who rudely intrudes any interaction.

Approach Anxiety – A physiological response to the discomfort an individual experiences in anticipation to interacting with another individual.

B.I.T. AMOG Tactics – An acronym used to describe a series of actions with the intention of displaying dominance over individuals who knowingly or unknowingly attempt to sabotage an interaction. B.I.T. AMOGing also takes into account how to properly overcome someone’s superior size and height.

BLP (Body Language Positioning) – It incorporates the science of proxemics, situational awareness, masculine dominance, kinesthetics, compliance testing, proper male & female flirting behavior and natural intuition into a highly advanced form of Body Language that eliminates the need for Group Method or entertaining the crowd or friends.

Boomerang – A Compliance Test re-opener using Direct.

Booty Slide – A playful yet forceful sway of one individual’s hips/buttocks against another individual’s hip/buttocks with the intention of BT spiking for a positive effect.

Brothers – Men who have taken the ABCs of Attraction bootcamp who we proudly refer to as alumni.

BT (Buying Temperature) – An acronym used to describe the emotional level of energy an individual has.

BT Spike – A verbally or non-verbally communicated action that raises the emotional level of energy an individual has.

Canned Opener – A canned opener is a field-tested statement or question with a background story that does not necessarily pertain to the individual when approaching a set. The statement or question of a canned opener presents a topic that leads the interaction to a certain direction.

Compliance Testing (CT) – A verbal or non-verbal request made by one individual with the intent to gauge the receptivity of another individual.

DHV (Displaying Higher Value) – An acronym used to describe the verbal communication of one or many attractive qualities of an individual.

Douchebag (ie AMOG) – “A douchebag is not defined as simply a series of hand gestures, facial expressions, overly gelled hair or a giant Jesus bling around the neck. A douchebag is a state of mind. It is a place where men go to become scrote. Where machismo mixes with testosterone to form a foul cocktail of rank sewage that smells vaguely of cheap cologne.” [Courtesy of Hotchicks with Douchebags]

Emotional Intelligence – The ability to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups.

Extraction Excuse – The reasoning created and verbally communicated to a woman by a man to jointly leave to another physical location.

Extract “Options” – Two questions asked of an individual by another individual in which the answer ultimately has no bearing to the result of the actual question itself.

Fractionation – Going back and forth between each of the steps of the ABC structure.

General Attraction – The attractiveness quality of a man. How entertaining, how interesting, how fun, he is. Not to be confused with how turned on (ie horny) you’re making her (ie Sexual Attraction). GA can be generated both via Passive Value and Active Value during the A-B-C phases.

Gentleman’s Grace – The act of taking a woman’s hand and kissing the top part. Also includes the handshake to handhold manuever.

Holistic Game – The total mind & body synthesis of the Pick-Up Arts with Self-Improvement.

I.A.BT./CT. (Input, Acknowledge, Banter or BT Spike / Compliance Test) – An acronym used to describe a series of actions with the intention of establishing interpersonal communication.

Inner Strength – One’s ability to draw upon internal, replenishable resevoirs of confidence, perseverance, and character versus being dependent upon external confidence stimuli.

Intimacy Initiator – A verbally communicated story with the intent to establish a deep emotional connection with another individual.

Fluff – Conversation without a purpose.

Kamikaze – A sexually Direct, balls to the wall, opener.

Kickstart – The act of opening up the night and warming up with low-investment opens. Includes both verbal and non-verbal opening.

Kino – The act of touching done by one individual to another individual..

Kino Open – The initial act of touching done by one individual to another individual when approaching to engage in an interaction.

Kino Turn – The act of physically but comfortably moving a target to face you.

Natural Opener – A natural opener is a statement or question with a background story that pertains specifically to the individual and is used when approaching a set. The statement or question of a natural opener presents a topic that leads the interaction to a certain direction.

Ninjitsu – A situational, but structured Indirect opener invented by Johnny Wolf.

Outer Confidence – The display of Confidence through the use of Passive Value, Body Language and Subcommunication.

Paradigm Shifts – A paradigm shift is the change of beliefs within an individual that is triggered by a sub-communicated idea. The idea that triggers the paradigm shift is done through a verbally communicated statement, question, or story.

Pick-Up Artist – A pick up artist, by definition, is a man who has chosen to improve his romance and dating options despite having been born with less than the best looks, less than the tallest body, less than the best physique, and less than the best natural ability to charm women. He has decided to take responsibility for his own life, man up, and strive to improve himself.

Rubber Necking – The voluntary or involuntary act of following an attractive woman’s body through an individual’s head movement.

Sexual Anxiety – A physiological response to the discomfort an individual experiences in anticipation to sexual kino.

Sexual Attraction – Your sexual viability as a mate. Is she turned on by you? Commonly induced through fashion, muscles, height, hair, dance, etc. Also induced via sexual banter. Initiated during the D-E-F phases.

Silencer – Invented in 2005, it is the Ultimate BLP (Body Language Positioning) Manuever. Designed to overcome loud music, lock the woman into a conversation, and intiate the first stages of creating Sexual Attraction. Like Tae-Kwon Do, it uses the woman’s compliance and initial attraction and momentum to your advantage as opposed to the use of force or aggression.

Shit Test – A verbally or non-verbally communicated statement by a woman to a man that appears to be negative but sub-communicates the question, “Are you really this confident?”

T-Rex – The unintentional movement of one individual’s arms in response to a physiological feeling of nervousness. The appearance of this action resembles a prehistoric reptile whose scientific name is tyrannosaurus rex.

Verbal Attraction – The ability to engage in witty banter, flirting, and storytelling. To reveal one’s attractive traits and personality by the act of verbal communication.

Vulture – The act of hesitation in approaching an individual due to approach anxiety.

Wolf Trap – A kiss close tactic invented by Johnny Wolf that includes all the elements of sexual progression including sexual tension, direct interest, disqualification, push/pull, triangular eye gazing, eskimo kisses, and the actual kiss itself. In other words, CHA CHING!!!

Will you be teaching in my City [Insert City/State/Country]?

Short answer: Depends.

Longer answer: We can only travel to the major cities and countries. While we would love to teach in your particular location, there are only so many weekends in the month and traveling too much takes a toll on the instructor which would degrade YOUR experience as a student. Instead, we put all our efforts into making the bootcamps in the major cities an eventful, educational and hopefully wonderful experience.

If you would like to inquire if we are coming to your location, fill out our contact form. It can’t hurt to at least ask!

It is 100% private, anonymous, and confidential so let your voice be heard!