FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

4) During Bootcamp

What should I wear for the infield portion of the bootcamp?

Come dressed and ready to go out each day during the bootcamp.

HAIR, GLASSES & ODOR CONTROL: If you have contacts, bring them. Don’t use gel in your hair. Go with hair products like pomade. Good brands are DiFi, Sculpte and Gatsby. Lowest acceptable brand end would be Axe. Wear body deodorant like Old Spice or Axe. If you have dry lips or dry skin, use chapstick and/or lotion. Wear cologne like Christian Dior Fahrenheit. Bring sugarless gum or other breath control. Use whitening strips like Crest White Strips if you have naturally yellowed teeth.

GENERAL FASHION: If you do NOT have good fashion sense, then follow these general guidelines:

Black dress shoes or nice boots, no tennis shoes/hiking boots.

Designer jeans are good with no rips or tears. You can get a half way decent pair at H&M and other outlets without breaking the bank.

Bring a black/grey/similar blazer if you have one. Go for a fitted look (not too baggy), can be black or grey. Vests will also work.

Wear a long sleeved white, blue, or red collared shirt.

Avoid, at least on the first day, ALL blacks, greys, plaids, and sweats.

A colorful accoutrement is nice but optional (red tie, blue handkerchief, silver jewelry, etc).


Who’s going to be at the bootcamp?

Besides yourself and your fellow students, we have a variety of special guests and assistants that come to help on bootcamps. We try to keep the student to instructor ratio 3 to 1. To accommodate this, we will bring along certified approach coaches to assist. These aren’t just any guys off of the street. These are former alums with years of experience and hundreds of hours with the ABCs structure and in field results. These coaches are not substitutions for the main instructor but rather supplemental coaches and wingmen to help you in field during the day game drills and night portion.

How do you handle privacy? Am I going to be photographed or quoted from the bootcamp?

We take privacy very seriously as we know this can be a delicate matter for a lot of men. While we do like to take photos during a bootcamp for fun, if you do not wish to be photographed, we will respect your decision. The down side is that you won’t have any memories of the weekend with your new friends and you also won’t have any photos for social proof (like that picture you could have where your kiss closing that blonde 10).

We like to ask for reviews from students who have completed our bootcamps to be posted on our online forum. The forum is a safe place to discuss pick up related topics and all members can choose an avatar so that anything they write would not be associated to them personally. While we appreciate this gesture from students and believe the forum is a great place to learn, it is up to you whether or not you participate in the forum.

We like to maintain contact with alums on facebook, we would never post anything incriminating on your wall or publicly discuss you. The bottom line is, whatever privacy you wish to maintain, we will be happy and willing to oblige and work with you so you will have the best bootcamp experience possible.