FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

2) About Bootcamps/Programs

What Happened To The Different Bootcamp Tickets (ie Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze etc.)?


Different pass tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium) are no longer being offered in 2016 (although we will honor anyone’s ticket who locked in their prices in 2015). Ultimately, the most popular ticket by a huge margin was the Platinum pass with it’s personal attention and VIP service. Only a few clients ever chose the flexibility of the other tiers and so we have phased them out going into 2016.

All tickets purchased in 2016 at a Premium Bootcamp will get all the benefits and features of the Platinum Pass including extensive lectures, critiques, and infield time (both night and day). The schedule will remain the same for all bootcamp clients.

We have also increased tuition in 2016, but also given you flexibility in your budget. Normally, you would have to go through PayPal Credit in order to get your application approved, but we are now offering you the following options:

OPTION #1 –  6 Investment Option at $666.50 per month: This is a total of $3999, but also gives you the ability to manage your monthly payments for a low investment of only $666.50 per month before you even start your bootcamp. Note: You will need to provide a valid ID, two credit cards, and post-dated checks if your balance is not paid up by the start of your event.

OPTION #2 – 1 Lump Investment at $2999 (Save $1000): If you want to get an Early Bird Discount and save $1000, pay in full before the start of the event. You’ll get your Prebootcamp Homestudy Course AND save money immediately.

Add a Guest for Only 6 Payments. of $333: For only $1999, you can invite a guest and get $2000 in savings! Split the cost of your ticket and your friends and save $2000 in total by referring a friend. You’ll not only be doing HIM a favor by attending the bootcamp, but you’ll be doing YOURSELF a favor by saving more money.

ABCs Of Attraction Premium Bootcamp Schedule (2016)

ABCs Of Attraction Premium Bootcamp Schedule (2016)

We offer four types of bootcamp tickets for each program. You will still attend the bootcamp on the same weekend as everyone else, but your schedule will vary depending on which ticket option you choose.

– Platinum Bootcamp 

The total Platinum bootcamp price is $2999. By selecting the Platinum ticket, you get the full three day, intense and life transforming bootcamp experience! Spare no expenses on giving yourself literally the BEST in dating education and sexual lifestyle mastery! Build yourself completely from the ground up and work on the 3 main components of confidence: Inner game, Outer Game, and Verbal Game.

By the time you’re done with the bootcamp, I will have poured my 10 years worth of knowledge and experience directly into your brain. You will be so much better prepared, more confident, and getting more results than any of your other friends, that they’ll be wondering what happened to the old, shy, less successful YOU! The Platinum Bootcamp is the way to go when you have the schedule, the budget, and 110% desire to be the BEST MAN YOU CAN BE.

The schedule is as follows:

Bootcamp Daily Schedule

You also get the pre-bootcamp home study course, a 130 page bootcamp workbook, and as a bonus worth over $600 our products Text to Sex, Practical Daygame and the Modern Asian Man ebook which includes the PUA Radio tracks.

PLUS all Platinum Pass holders* will be automatically signed up to our Limited Bootcamp Warranty Program: a lifetime of post-bootcamp customer support for your long-term sustainable confidence!

* Conditions apply.

– Gold Bootcamp 

The total Gold bootcamp price is $1999 for those who still want an amazing bootcamp experience at a more affordable price: concentrate on real world application with infield social interactions without burdening yourself with all the theory! All the field work you want observed, analyzed and critiqued by a trained professional with over 10,000 hours of certified training.

This ticket is for those gentlemen who don’t want to stint on their practical learning, but just don’t need to pay extra for the abstract lecture. Get your hands dirty learning directly in the field (both nightgame AND daygame) approaching the hottest women in the world with some of the best pickup artists in the world by your side!

By selecting the Gold ticket, you get the following schedule:

Friday Schedule
7pm – 9pm: Day One Lecture (Rejection Free Approaching and Bantering Skills)
10pm – 2am: Infield Nightgame Plus Debrief

Saturday Schedule
8pm – 9pm: Day Two Partial Lecture (Crash Course in Advanced Tactics Only)
10pm – 2am: Infield Nightgame Plus Debrief

Sunday Schedule
2pm – 6pm: Daygame Infield Plus Debrief

You also get the pre-bootcamp home study course, a 130 page bootcamp workbook, and as a bonus worth over $600 our products Text to Sex, Practical Daygame and the Modern Asian Man ebook which includes the PUA Radio tracks.

– Silver Bootcamp 

Total Silver bootcamp price is $999 for those who already have a solid foundation in approaching, conversation and attraction and just need help infield from the trained eagle eye of an instructor. Concentrate on just the practical application of infield work at top tier night venues approaching beautiful women.

By selecting the Silver ticket, you get the following schedule:

Friday Schedule
7pm – 9pm: Day One Lecture (Rejection Free Approaching and Bantering Skills)
10pm – 2am: Infield Nightgame Plus Debrief

Saturday Schedule
8pm – 9pm: Day Two Partial Lecture (Crash Course in Advanced Tactics Only)
10pm – 2am: Infield Nightgame Plus Debrief

You also get the pre-bootcamp home study course and a 130 page bootcamp workbook

– Bronze Bootcamp 

The total Bronze bootcamp price is $499. This bootcamp includes the lecture portion only and great for those gentlemen who don’t like going out at night, or still in the process of learning the theory and just need help practicing their exercises and drills, or too young to get into the night venues. Get your feet wet without having to commit the entire weekend or budget!

By selecting the Bronze ticket, you get the following schedule:

Friday Schedule
7pm – 9pm Day One Lecture (Rejection Free Approaching and Bantering Skills)

Saturday Schedule
4pm – 8pm Day Two Lecture (Conversation, Dominance, Sexual Confidence & Body Language Positioning)

Sunday Schedule
1pm – 2pm Daygame Lecture (Daygame 101)
6pm – 8pm Day Day Three (Logistics, Sexual Escalation, Dating, Phone & Text Game, Relationships, Long-term Term Results and Lifestyle Homework)

PLUS the pre-bootcamp home study course and a 130 page bootcamp workbook.

Does This Stuff Really Work?

We’ll let the reviews of our students worldwide speak for themselves.  All testimonials are unedited and not paid endorsements.  All written reviews of our programs are done by student and were done without any sort of compensation (monetary or goods) whatsoever.

“The real feelings of gratitude came once I got back to my own life after BC. It’s been two weeks, and man my life has CHANGED!” Phuc

“I came into Bootcamp a skeptic. Why did I need someone to teach me how to attract women, I thought, when I’d been having successful social interactions with people my whole life?  Fast-forward three nights, and I’m confiding to Sarah: “I haven’t had a chance to say thank you; what you guys do for guys like me is amazing. It’s nice to know someone recognizes that we weren’t all born with the ability to pick up girls.” Dave C

“Gentlemen…I will make it plain. My experience has set me on a different path. The test came after… I was talking to people ever where now. At LAX I was chatting with this playboy bunny type blond in front of me in security. In Cleveland, I arrived famished, and approached a single lady at the IHOP and had dinner with her. I never had done anything so bold as this before… For the first time in my life I am confident that I eventually will meet that special someone.”  Malibu51

Still don’t believe us?  Check out our reviews from Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York.



Can I Talk to an ABCs of Attraction Alumni for Proof?

We take privacy very seriously here at ABCs of Attraction.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide you contact information from any ABCs of Attraction Alumni, as this would be a breach of privacy on our end, and the individual’s end.

However, we do have some video testimonials from previous students:

Can you really learn everything you need in just one weekend?

It really depends on how much work the student chooses to put into the program.  Students who take the bull by the horns, work hard, and follow directions often times get laid during, or shortly after the bootcamp.  Students who make excuses, choose not to follow directions, and don’t dress to their very best will find themselves flailing and constantly being pushed by our instructors.

The majority of our students need to take only one program.  However, our biggest complaint from students is, “there’s too much information!”  This is why it is important to take notes, as the instructor and staff will be ready to go when the bootcamp begins, to the very bitter end of the program.  It’s up to the student to learn and absorb as much information as possible and take good notes for future reference.

Some students find it helpful to take a second program, or get phone coaching as a quick “tune up” to check in and see if they’re doing things write.  Although not 100% necessary, we love seeing the progress of our students post bootcamp, and offer a 25% discount to any alumni who choose to take another bootcamp or phone coaching.  We also offer the 4th bootcamp for FREE if a student chooses to take 3 bootcamps (1 full price, 2 at a 25% discount).

Also, alumni-gatherings and hangouts with coaches after the bootcamp are always, and forever will be 100% FREE.


Can I take the Bootcamp Even if I’m Married?

Absolutely!  The ABCs of Attraction is more than just picking up attractive women.  We’ve had students in the past who were married that took the program to better communicate with their wives and children.

Will What I Learn be Useful Outside of Picking Up Women?


We’ve had students use the ABCDEF structure to ace job interviews, negotiate higher salaries, and even use it to help maintain their long term relationships.  We’ve also had students who were married use the ABCDEF structure to better communicate with their wives and children.

Some students have opened up to us and have told us that we helped them break out of drug/party addiction, or even repair broken relationships with families.

How is the ABCs of Attraction different from other companies?

Like most companies, our job is to teach you how to get better with women. We’re different from other companies because we teach an easy, step by step process that can be learned and implemented within three days. We don’t have unrealistic expectations of what we think you can learn in one weekend. Making false promises would be a disservice to our clients. Also making promises that sound too good to be true probably are. While we are a results driven company, we know that everyone will learn at his own pace but that doesn’t mean you won’t be pushed.

The ABCs of Attraction also teaches the most relatable and realistic system in pick up. Our company history comes from JT Tran and his struggles in pick up. He as learned to use what others see as a disadvantage to his advantage. Characteristics like race and height are now necessary to his pick up infrastructure and it is his pleasure to share this knowledge with as many men as possible. Where before there was no niche for minorities in pick up, JT has created a place for men from all walks of life to learn and grow not just in pick up, but in life. Our students range in age, race, and income-but the ABCs structure can be tailored to anyone as long as they are willing to commit to the steps.

Our goal is to give you the framework and skillset so that you may leave any of our programs feeling prepared. We like to maintain long term friendships with all of our alums and students via our online forum, facebook, and meet ups. It is our pleasure to see you grow to your fullest potential. We also offer a large variety of first hand reviews for the public to view. We want guys to make informed decisions about what company they choose when seeking instruction.

What’s the difference between Day Game workshops and Bootcamps?

Day Game Workshops are 2 day programs with a total of 10 hours of training.  2 hours of lecture and 8 hours in-field.  These are more laid back and relaxed workshops and can be flexible with your schedule.

Bootcamps are the flagship products and education of ABCs of Attraction.  A bootcamp is a highly intensive course of 3 days and 2 nights totaling approximately 30 hours.  Scheduling for bootcamps are set in stone and cannot be easily altered.  Friday and Saturday focus primarily on night game while Sunday afternoon consists of a short and thorough day game session with coaches/instructors.

What programs do you have besides bootcamps and day game workshops?

We offer multiple long term coaching options, skype/phone coaching, residential coaching, and single night sessions.

Skype/Phone coaching sessions: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/phone-skype/

Long Term Training-12 Weeks of Fury: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/12-weeks-fury/

Apprenticeship Program: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/apprenticeship-program/

Individual sarging sessions (day or night game): http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/individual-sessions/

Residential Training: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/programs/abcs-residential-bootcamp/

For more information or questions regarding these programs, contact the main office at support@abcofattraction.com

OR call 1-888-689-4263

Is there an age limit to your bootcamps?

No-but with some limitations

We teach men of all ages! You are never too old or young to start taking control of your dating life.

We’ve taught men all the way up to age 65 and we couldn’t be happier to do so. This is because our system works for every type of age and background.

However, if you are under 21, most of our Domestic bootcamp night portions takes place in a club or bar with age restrictions. If you’re under 21, we may not be able to accommodate you. There are different age restrictions for International clubs and bars so please ask.

We will be happy to have any underage gentlemen attend the daytime lecture portion only. The cost of bootcamp will be half of the normal cost because you will only be attending half. If you want an all-inclusive experience, we recommend taking one of our Daygame courses which has no age restrictions.

Do you teach only Asian men?

Far from it.

While it is true that the majority of our clients are Asian and other ethnicities(including black, Latino, Indian, etc), a good 25% of our students are Caucasian. On one hand, JT (The Asian Playboy) is famous for teaching Asian men how to realistically deal with and cope with racism and prejudice in the dating arena whether it comes from men or women.

On the other hand, the ABCs of Attraction itself is a revolutionary new and holistic mode of Natural Attraction that is effective for EVERYONE.

In fact, there’s a testimonial from one of our non-Asian students to the right.

Now read this article “Can a Non-Asian PUA Take An ABCs of Attraction Bootcamp?”