Can you really learn everything you need in just one weekend?

It really depends on how much work the student chooses to put into the program.  Students who take the bull by the horns, work hard, and follow directions often times get laid during, or shortly after the bootcamp.  Students who make excuses, choose not to follow directions, and don’t dress to their very best will find themselves flailing and constantly being pushed by our instructors.

The majority of our students need to take only one program.  However, our biggest complaint from students is, “there’s too much information!”  This is why it is important to take notes, as the instructor and staff will be ready to go when the bootcamp begins, to the very bitter end of the program.  It’s up to the student to learn and absorb as much information as possible and take good notes for future reference.

Some students find it helpful to take a second program, or get phone coaching as a quick “tune up” to check in and see if they’re doing things write.  Although not 100% necessary, we love seeing the progress of our students post bootcamp, and offer a 25% discount to any alumni who choose to take another bootcamp or phone coaching.  We also offer the 4th bootcamp for FREE if a student chooses to take 3 bootcamps (1 full price, 2 at a 25% discount).

Also, alumni-gatherings and hangouts with coaches after the bootcamp are always, and forever will be 100% FREE.


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